5 Top Tips To Keep Your Garden Summer Ready

Summer is well and truly here!

However, with the unpredictable weather the UK brings it can throw a spanner in the works for any gardener.

Below are some tips and tricks to keeping your garden in the best condition whilst the sun makes an appearance.

1. Protect Your Lawn

Ensuring that your lawn is well fed and watered is crucial to preserving its overall appearance. Don’t forget to cut your lawn regularly and if you’re feeling particularly green fingered you may like to consider cutting a pattern into your lawn for example: stripes, which adds an air of sophistication to your garden. During drier parts of the year we recommend watering your lawn at least once a week to keep it looking green. A sprinkling of lawn food can also help to revive your lawn.












2. Get Planting

Plants can help you achieve a particular theme to your garden and are great for adding height. Trailing plants: Geraniums, Fuchsias and Begonias work particularly well all featuring a stunning cascading variety. Adding flowers: Lavender & Perennial will produce a lovely scent throughout your garden, attracting the bumblebees too. Don’t forget that container flowers will need feeding once a week during the summer months and it is good practice to water them every evening once the sun has set as this prevents scorching.

























3. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key. You do not need a complex planting design. Simple patterns can offer a beautiful appearance and is much easier to plant and maintain. Pots and feature plants can be incorporated to add contrast and colour to your garden. The image below features a very simple garden design but still offers a beautiful finish. A riot of colour would not fit such a simple design, therefore we recommend your choose one highlight colour that compliments the colour.












4. Utilise The Space

Now is the time to get your patio nice and clean so that you can make the most of your outdoor space. A pressure washer is ideal for this but a standard hose, solid brush and some persistence will also do the job!

Small garden? Why not consider using outdoor wall décor? Mirrors create a spacious feel and by opting for wall mounted solar lights you can save much needed floor space and maximise the space you have. Hanging baskets are a great option if you’re short on space and can be filled with colourful flowers: Fuchsias & Petunia.

For those of you with big gardens, why not try zoning each area? This can create depth and add interest to your garden. Painting sections of your fence in a bright, geometric pattern will instantly attract your eyes to certain areas. Don’t forget to add a variety of seasonal shrubs and flowers to add visual interest.















5. Attract The Wildlife

Attracting wildlife into your garden is easier to do than you might think and there are lots of products out there that can help tempt wildlife into your garden. When it comes to birds, it’s simple. A  table and seeds will encourage birds into your garden. Although pigeons might be the first to arrive, soon you will see Blue Tits, Wrens and maybe even a Woodpecker to name a few. As mentioned, bumblebees love fragrant plants: Lavender & Perennial but you could even go further and invest in an insect house! Many species of bees now feature on the ‘endangered’ list so you would be doing your bit for the environment. In addition to this, simply cutting a small circular hole at the bottom of your fence allows hedgehogs to pass through easier and a hedgehog house is a nice resting place for them.