5 Top Tips To Update Your Living Room

Now half way through 2018, more living room interior design trends have emerged. So if you are interested in transforming your living room with some on trend ideas keep reading as we have compiled our 5 top tips to consider to ensure you stay ahead of the trends.

1. Bold Colours

Say goodbye to neutral shades and welcome bold colours! Many homeowners are transforming their living rooms with bright wallpaper and vibrant statement pieces in the form of furniture and internal doors. But it isn’t just bold colours proving popular, deeper colours like navy, violet and emerald are popping up in living rooms too. Shown below is Midnight Navy by Crown Paints, shop the range here.

2. Dark Wood

Light, bleached woods are appearing less popular in the living room with dark wooden furniture on the rise. Combining the old-fashioned glam appeal that dark wood portrays and interior fittings with metal handles and hardware appears to be an upcoming trend. Shown below is the collection by LPD Doors, shop the range of doors and ironmongery here.

3. Patterned Rugs

Patterns are a continuing trend for 2018 and rugs are no exception to this. An ideal choice to brighten up a plain carpet or bare floorboards, rugs are all the rage! Forget about feature walls, a top trend in 2018 appears to be feature floors!

4. TV Stands

Wall-mounted flat screens are becoming less frequent as we go back to basics. The traditional TV stand will add style to your living room, improving the practicality of the room payout and keeping your walls free for those bold colours we mentioned above. Shown below is the Dorset collection by LPD, you can shop the range here.

5. Open-plan Living

We all know that new homes are built with smaller rooms than older houses, forcing homeowners to integrate clever storage solutions to utilise compact living spaces. Another option is open-plan living, using internal doors and room dividers to makeover the space. Shop the range of doors and ironmongery here.