The ‘b’ in building is what makes us bps. So with the building materials to suite any project, whatever the project. We have it, from Bricks & Blocks to drainage & paint to electrical supplies.

Bricks and Blocks

Bricks & block are the core of any structure for your projects. At any of our branches we can guarantee we can source & supply any brick you require at a great price.

Painting & Decorating

When painting & decorating we know you want a selection to choose from. Our range of paints, tools & equipment are there to make sure your home looks the way you want it.

Screws & Fixings

Screws & Fixings

At bps you will find a complete range of screws & fixings which are suitable for all applications. Available in a range of sizes and in both silver & gold finishes, befitting any home.

Tools & Equipment

We stock a quality range of tools & equipment to suite any type of project your working on. Whether it be a drill, hammer or tape measure we have the range with our suppliers Ox tools & Toughbuilt!

Workwear & Safetywear

With our brand new line of Dickies Workwear we have the highest quality gear for you. Ensuring comfort and total protection for any project you do.

Building Chemicals

We stock a range of extensive chemicals for a variety of applications, this including plasticisers, cement colouring, roof repair compounds and much more!

Glues and Fillers

Sealants, Adhesives & Glues

Daily wear and tear on your home happens all the time; Fillers can smooth out uneven surfaces and our glues are great for repairing broken woodwork.

Cements & Admixes

At any of our branches you will find high quality cement supplied by CEMEX.  Everbuild, supply our admixes in various pastes Providing a degree of frost resistance and long term resistance to freeze-thaw cycles when set.

Sand & Aggregates

We supply a wide range of Sand & Aggregates including, Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone, Slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates.

Building Metalwork

You will find at all our branches there is a selection of builder’s metal work available in sizes to suit most requirements, manufactured to perfection.


Our range of Lintels carry an extensive range of both concrete and steel Lintels for everyday projects.

Electrical Supplies

We stock a range of Electrical Supplies, from, switches to Cable to Consumer units and batteries to sockets all at an affordable price.

Earth Wool Insulation

Insulation & Plasterboard

Keep your home or office warm and energy efficient throughout the year with our Insulation & Plasterboard!

Drainage & Guttering

Repair or replace your current guttering & drainage system with our range of products. We ensure our staff are experienced and happy to lend a hand!


At bps our roofing products range covers every aspect of roof construction and includes roof tiles, felts, ventilation, chimneys, soffits, fascias and cladding.