Excellent service has been at the forefront of our philosophy since the day bps opened and we pride ourselves on putting you first, so we provide a number of extras to help your build run as smoothly as possible.

Quantity Estimating

How does it work?
Provide our team with a full set of plans and building regulations and we can devise a list of the materials you will need, the quantities you’ll need them in and a guide as to what labour you require to come to an estimated cost of your project.

* Although we do charge for this service if you choose to use us as you’re supplier for your project you will be credited back.

Architectural Specification

How does it work?
Based on plans provided we will work with you to compile a comprehensive list of the ironmongery you require, with product descriptions and estimate of prices. bps dorline is Guild of Architectural Ironmongery accredited meaning our staff are qualified to the highest standards that the industry requires.


Brick Matching

Replacing existing bricks can be a tricky business if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, so we’ve done what we can to make it easier, with our free brick matching service.

How does it work?
Our sales representative will come out to collect a sample and will find out exactly which brick was used in your project or, if discontinued, will find you the nearest alternatives on the market returning the samples to you so you can select your favourite.

Timber Cutting

Save yourself time and energy by using our Timber Cutting Service. For quick construction projects this can be a huge time saver as it can be done quickly & easily in house.

What are the Charges?
Charges are based on number of cuts made to request further information please enquire at our Timber department on 01926 332630 or e-mail us at

Bathroom Layout

How does it work?
After discussing your design specifications and size of your bathroom one of our trained bathroom experts will develop a plan for your bathroom using CAD software giving you an idea as to how everything will fit into place. This can prevent mistakes saving you time and money and best of all its free.

MCS Assessment

How does it work?
Our independent MCS assessment ensures green claims are based on fact and that products and services meet performance standards appropriate for their intended use. We ensure the energy saving measures you want to put in place, work for your home, delivering the maximum savings.