Timber Cutting Service

Timber is just one of our well established brands at BPS but did you know that we offer a timber cutting service too? Our specialised timber cutting service at Hermes Close, Leamington Spa boasts a variety of  machines to assist you in your project. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing the machines we offer and their functionality.

Felder Universal Machine

The Felder is a professional multi-purpose machine consisting of three parts: table saw, thickness planer and a spindle moulder. It’s designed to give you the capabilities of three individual machines but with a much smaller foot print. We are able to machine sheet material up to the size of 3050×1525, cutting the width and length to any size required.

The built in spindle moulder allows us to create rebated timber to precise depths and widths that you, the customer may require. We are also able to provide machined profiles like Ogee, Torus, Chamfered and Bull Nosed skirting. In addition to this, we can also produce Picture Rail and Dado if required.

We also offer one off projects if required and are happy to discuss your individual requirements to complete your project. We have an option to run a Power Feed with the Spindle Moulder to be used when there is a large metre run required, there is no job big or small that can’t be considered.

The last element of the Felder is a Thickness Planer, we can use this to plane up Rough Sawn timber to give a finished smooth face taking into account the overall thickness of the timber required, we can plane up various lengths, widths and depths of timber.

The Felder is a brilliant tool that has helped us become one of main sources for machined timber in Leamington Spa and can normally cut sheets materials on the same day as ordered. Spindle Moulder and Planer jobs can usually be completed in a 2-3 working days.

Minimax T45 Classic Spindle Moulder

With the growing demand of needing to turn around cutting jobs in a prompt timescale we have invested in another key machine in our Timber Cutting area.

The Minimax Spindle Moulder is a standalone machine with the capabilities of producing profile work and rebating to the same quality. Similarly to the Felder Machine, the Spindle Moulder is efficient but with the addition off being free standing it gives us the power to work on two projects at the same time if required.

The set up time is greatly reduced as the machine is always set to ‘spindle moulder’ setting and ready to go. As with all our jobs, there is no job too small.

Wadkin PBR-HD Band Re-Saw

This machine is used on a daily basis and is a very effective tool, used to deep cut timber, and to size timber down to the correct dimension required.

It can also be used to create pattern work: angle fillet, firring strips, capping rails and post caps. These can all be cut to different sizes and to the required angle needed.

The turn around for this machine is usually within the day depending on work load and we have two fully trained machinists waiting to deal with your enquiry.

Radial Arm Cross Cut

This simple but extremely useful machine is great for quickly reducing the length of timber to make it easier for you to transport home, we can quickly cut the timber to length required to either fit within the vehicle collecting or to dimensions supplied on the day.

For more information regarding our timber cutting service please contact our Timber & Dorline Branch Manager, Jamie Akister on 01926 332630 or alternatively email: timber@bandps.co.uk